IN/VISIBLE is a project on women who have been attacked by flame or acid burns or who have tried to commit suicide out of threat in Bangladesh, Uganda, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal and India. All countries where the attacks are used as a weapon to destroy their lives and where the number of incidents are alarmingly high.These women are visibly disfigured and hence become invisible for their society.
They become outcasts, ostracized by their communities and held responsible for incurring the attack. The number of incidents are alarming high, but the statistics are likely an undercount, many cases go unreported. The main reasons explanatory for such incidents are mainly defying cultural and religious values, the dowry system and jealousy in all different religions and cultures.

These women who burdened such attacks have lost their physical appearance, which is “only“ mirroring their deep emotional scars. IN/VISIBLE is a long-term project on the life of these women, who share the same fate in each of the cited countries, by documenting their daily life, their struggle, their reality and their hopes and their heroic strength. IN/VISIBLE has been funded by the German cultural foundation Stiftung Kulturwerk / VG Bild‐Kunst.




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